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The tyranny of “yes but…”

Are you a victim of the tyranny of “Yes but…..”

I’ve known a few people in my time who have been unable to just take a positive and be happy with it, enjoy it, savour it.  I had one friend who was even known as Jack ‘yeah but’ Thompson (name changed to protect the innocent).  His behaviour was a real energy drainer to both himself and those around him – if you said “That was a great piece of work Jack”  the response was “Yeah but…”, “It’s great that you’ve got the opportunity to work on that project Jack” – “Yeah but….”

So once again, ‘catching yourself’ is the secret – do you do this to yourself or to your team and colleagues?  One manager I worked for in my early days used to say “excellent draft!  now let’s see how we can improve it!”  Some people (and this used to include me),  when asked if they can do something,  start with all the difficulties they can think of or by diminishing what they can do rather than “Yes”.

If someone pays you a compliment – just say “thank you”

When someone brings you a piece of work – do you really need to put your stamp on it and ‘improve’ it?

If someone says things are going well – just enjoy the sensation….

Listen to yourself, and stop before you speak if that ‘b’ word is going to pop out – and notice how much better things seem when you’re not always looking for what’s wrong with them!

What do you think? or would you like to comment but.……..

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