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Why ‘Professionals in Leadership’?

Over many years working with professional people (eg lawyers, chartered surveyors, software developers, engineers, HR specialists) I have found that the biggest challenge they face is to adapt to their new role and identity when they reach a Why 'Professionals in Leadership'?leadership role, either in direct management or leading a virtual team such as a project team.  This blog is a resource for you as a successful professional or as an HR manager, L&D specialist or coach supporting such professionals – it’s here to help make the leadership transition less painful.

Why is that important for professionals in leadership? Does this sound familiar? Just when you reach a pinnacle in your professional development, you find that the things which made you successful are no longer enough.  You are no longer just ‘doing’ the job (in fact you have largely to stop doing the job), you have to start ‘being’ a leader or manager.  Your whole self image has to change and your level of confidence and competence can plummet.  And even after that initial shock and your ‘soft skills’ increase there is always more to learn about leadership – just as you focus on your Continuing Professional Development in your chosen field you also need dedication to your CPD in leadership and management.

That is what this blog is for. It will give you easy to digest ideas and tips that have really worked with leaders I have worked with, coached, mentored and trained.  It’s also a forum for you to discuss and share ideas about the challenges, opportunities, stresses and joys of leading, motivating and developing other professionals – you are not alone!

What are the main challenges you are facing right now?  Frequently mentioned to me are: how to influence when you don’t have formal authority, sheer pressure of time and how to prioritise.  Please post your thoughts below so I can include issues of most concern to you.

My next post:  the one thing you should do to have most influence and impact at meetings.

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