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How to prepare for your Big Event

As many of you know I recently launched my first book ‘Essential Career Transition Coaching Skills’.  It was certainly a huge achievement for me with many months of hard work and negotiating the mysteries of the publishing world.  It was an occasion that needed celebrating!  Ah, a ‘Launch Event’ was called for!…….but what on earth do you do at a launch event….????

Book launch talk

My book launch talk

Anyway, I thought this had many parallels with conferences and other events that you might be called upon to stage so decided to share my tips for what was declared an inspiring and informative evening, just what you might be aiming for.

Tip no. 1 – Be true to yourself. So what do you do at an event like this? my answer was “Anything I like as it’s MY event!”  I certainly wanted to draw on ideas from other similar occasions but the important thing was for it to be how I wanted it and not to be trying to please a myriad of people with potentially conflicting ideas.

Tip No. 2 – Decide what experience you want your participants, your audience, to have.  Work out what you want them to know, feel and do.  I very much wanted mine to be a celebration and, not being much of a ‘sales person’ laughed when my friend Catherine said “How you want them to feel? well, presumably… generous!”  It was also to help promote my book after all!

Tip No. 3 – Work with like-minded people. I interviewed some fantastic people for my book and I wanted them to be part of the evening.  So I invited four of them to come along and give a short talk.  A great opportunity for them to showcase themselves, their achievements and their businesses as well – and a great support network of people working with me to make it a success and share the responsibility.

This also extended to my choice of venue – apart from being a beautiful place the guys running the show were a perfect combination of efficiency and easy to work with, tuning in immediately to the sort of experience I wanted everyone to have.

And don’t feel you can and should do everything.  Accept help for things that don’t absolutely need you to do them.

Speakers: Angela Watson, Andy Britnell, Deni Lyall

Speakers: Angela Watson, Andy Britnell, Deni Lyall

Tip No 4.  Build the event around the things you know you want to do.  Don’t sweat about thinking you have to design the perfect event through from start to finish.  Slot in the things you are certain about and build in others as you think of them.  Start gathering ideas as early as you can and noting them down and then you can fit it all together, discarding or adding as you refine it down.  Once you have your event in mind your attention will be drawn to ideas that you can use.

Tip No 5.  Enjoy yourself!  This is absolutely the most important thing.  Set an intention to enjoy yourself.  What is it all for if you’re not going to enjoy it?  Set everything in place,  rehearse your own ‘speech’, run through everything with your team and in your own mind – then tell yourself you have done all you can, what will be will be – and now’s the time to let go and trust that, to paraphrase Susan Jeffers, ‘It will all happen perfectly’.

Of course there were small glitches (and at some points potentially quite large ones!) But most people have no idea of the detail of what’s going to happen anyway and I just had to trust that everything else would be fine and that it was set up to succeed.   You can see on this page some wonderful pictures of the event, courtesy of my photographer (and husband) Ian Talbott.

And if you are interested in career transitions or coaching, or both, you can buy the book at amzn.to/15Jw5ze It already has two 5* reviews!

Do share your own ideas here for organising a successful event of any kind – I look forward to hearing from you.

Music makers: Lyndsey and Stash Huchrak

Music makers: Lyndsey and Stash Huchrak

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  1. September 1, 2013 at 11:50

    Great post Caroline. Thank you for sharing your tips. Writing and publishing your book certainly was a fantastic reason for celebration. For me ,it was such an inspirational event and I was so thrilled to see you enjoying yourself and doing it your way! I look forward to reading more about your experience of the “mysteries of the publishing world”.

    • September 1, 2013 at 12:18

      Thank you Angela – and for your tweet. Watch out for more on my experience of the ‘mysteries’ on Ian Brodie’s blog – I’ve written a guest post for him!

  2. Karen Mitchell
    September 1, 2013 at 13:05

    Caroline – fab to see you back in the writing seat. As ever your blog was from the heart and some ral practical tips for others who ever have to organise an event of any sort. Keep on writing, you are an inspiration. Karen

    • September 1, 2013 at 13:28

      Thank you so much Karen. The book was certainly taking up all my writing energy and feels good to be back blogging.

  3. Karen Mitchell
    September 1, 2013 at 13:06

    Great to see you back

  4. Brett
    September 3, 2013 at 15:27

    Super tips Caroline. Thanks for taking the time to share, and good luck with the book sales 🙂

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